Change is underway!

While you are seeing this, we are undergoing massive restructuring of all format that we present to you - the internet user.

Have we sold our Domains?

No - simply, we have been operating for so long in the "red" it has become an inevitability to revisit and go through extensive downsizing and objectively take a long look at what is marketable in today's chaotic economy.

What will we be presenting, and when?

When? Difficult to answer as we have limited time to invest while pursuing income opportunities to stay online until this can become at the least a "break even" venture. However we are "planning" to begin deployment and have the new websites up well before the end of 2012.

We have enjoyed providing services over the years we actually started as a dial-up BBS back in the `80's however this mostly needed to remain at a "hobby" level program as it was borderline to being a potential conflict of business with full time employment. I am sure you understand that.

We will no longer be offering dial-up internet, we will offer email accounts, and simple web hosting and website design services along with considerable "How-To's" personally developed and feel would be an asset to others for personal development and assisting with your own projects.

They will all have basic outlines that will require for you to perform a fair amount of research on your own which is always best for quality learning, all the way to validated - "step-by-step" directions that will obviously have a download "PDF" with a very modest fee. More to follow in detail about those.

We are currently completing a step-by-step how to Recycling "mini-book".
That has been quite the adventure and will show how to make good money "scrapping" from suggestions on vehicle suggestions, and route planning for best profitability. All personally explored and validated.

That's it for this now - thank you for supporting us and check back soon.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.