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The design of this site is influenced by several extremely wise suggestions leading to eliminating pictures from this entry page designed for a  target audience of mostly smartphone and tablet viewers. (Thank you for ideas!)

Fun and informative (maybe a few good projects) links to Websites .

Check the links above - view our location, pictures, and blog.
The blog and picture pages will be a slow start but well worth the wait.

This site in it's over twenty years, has transformed to what it is today.
It always has been an effective, secure, fast, email hosting service -
with a public web page as a secondary focus.

Should you be an Internet investor - looking at this and my other sites, keep in mind I know full well the value of what I own, copy write, and trademark.

Interested in purchasing one of my Domain names?
Click this link and Read it completely (get a translator!)

Should you desire to extend a viable reasonable purchase inquiry, do realize all three letter domain names regardless of: ownership, history, content, etc,
have a starting market value of at least $900,000.
Any offer less, is nothing short of insulting and will be interpreted as just that, along with demonstrating a blatant disregard to reviewing this content -
Very bad form with zero professionalism.

That's it for now - thank you for visiting and check back soon.

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